Nordic Secondary Fund II makes its third investment in Finland

April 3, 2023

We are happy to announce that we have just bought secondaries in Finnish Varjo. Varjo was established in 2016 in Helsinki and is an extended reality (XR) company that operates within the "Immersive Technology" market. Varjo offers both hardware and software solutions that can be used in various industries. Varjo themselves describe their products as the world's most advanced VR/XR. Varjo produces e.g. VR headsets, which are used in the training of doctors, and which can train complicated operations that would not otherwise be possible. Varjo's customers consist of more than 1,300 companies in more than 40 different countries. Of large customers, i.a. Boeing, Volvo & Lockheed Martin are mentioned.

For further information, please visit the company's website