Nordic Secondary Fund II invests in Hedvig

January 11, 2022

Nordic Secondary Fund is pleased to announce that we have acquired a stake in Hedvig.

Hedvig is a Swedish neoinsurer, founded in 2017 with headquarters in Stockholm, and is a mix of a tech and insurance company. The company has a recently approved EU insurance license and currently insures over 75 000 people throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Hedvig has a clear intention to simplify the insurance experience, by creating a relationship with its customers based on trust rather than mistrust. This is reflected in a Net Promotor Score that is ten times higher than industry competitors, and a TrustPilot score of 4.9/.5.0 – making Hedvig the highest rated insurance company in Scandinavia on TrustPilot. The process for insurance claims takes place, unlike the traditional competitors, 100% digitally through the Hedvig app, which results in fast processing times, and thus a better customer experience. Hedvig raised $45 million in a Series B round in September 2021, see more at

With the investment in Hedvig, Nordic Secondary Fund II now consists of: Unacast, Cobiro, TransferGo and Hedvig