Nordic Secondary Fund II Completes its First Investment in Iceland.

October 16, 2023

DTE ehf is a global leading innovator in real-time intelligence from liquid metals domiciled in Reykjavik, Iceland. Through a combination of connected, real-time, chemical composition analysis from molten metals, with an artificial intelligence-based cloud platform, the engine of DTE's metal production ecosystem. DTE's artificial intelligence based-cloud platform is the cornerstone of the solution.

DTE's vision is to transform the metals industry, contributing to the 1.5-degreechallenge while driving its digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 with the next generation of elemental analysis technology and metals intelligence.

For further information, please visit the company’s website :

With the investment in DTE, Nordic Secondary Fund II's portfolio now consists of: Unacast, Cobiro, Hedvig, TransferGo, Fastspeed, Pixieray, Kilo.Health, HiberWorld, Bob W., Varjo, Cleveron, GoMore, and DTE.